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Taqarabu Hybrid Communications (THC) is a new breed of hybrid consultancy, built with global organisations and initiatives in mind.

Taqarabu, Arabic for Bring Together, is our guiding principle as we blend specialist communication and consultancy skills with a deep understanding of the Middle East, and shape them in a way that meets client’s needs. It’s not a one size fits all approach, but a skilful interpretation of what matters and where we can add value, bringing together powerful storytelling and innovative communications.

Today’s critical issues and opportunities require an intelligent approach. It’s our guiding principle to connect organisations, businesses and brands with the communities that matter to them most.

THC brings together creative, innovative and measurable communications in a truly dynamic and complex region. It’s about sound advocacy and intelligent, strategic thought, wrapped in a unique, hybrid blend of cultural literacy and diplomacy.


THC is an independent and highly experienced team of professional consultants and communicators. All have enjoyed very senior positions in major listed firms, consultancies, academia or government, operating at C-suite, ministerial and presidential levels.

This offers clients access to intellectual capital of unrivalled value, complemented by government and media connections to match and amplify strategic advice. The core team works closely alongside an independent Advisory Board that serves to significantly enhance our capabilities by tapping into unparalleled expertise and experience in Public Affairs in the region.

Core Team

Our Work

Every one of our clients has a different story to tell, based on a unique set of experiences, history and corporate objectives. Therefore all our campaigns are designed to reflect this individuality within a market that is very dynamic and continually fluctuating based on a variety of influencing factors at the macro level.

To deliver maximum results for our clients, we employ our hybrid approach to achieving the optimum blend of PR, public affairs and design to create compelling campaigns.

Our ultimate goal for every client is to offer an outstanding level of service that achieves the desired return on investment.

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