Horizon Scanning

Horizon Scanning

An intelligent, informed and measured approach is the basis for successful communications.

THC’s team of highly experienced consultants and senior advisors offer clients valuable insights captured in our proprietary Horizon Scanning essays.

Horizon Scanning is not speculative, crystal ball-gazing, but an informed appraisal of the trends (macro and micro) at play today that are likely to impact the region’s future. It helps individuals improve their local knowledge and businesses and organisations in scenario planning.

Issues tend to be anchored in the government agendas of the region, therefore being properly acquainted with national and regional economic, political and social strategies is critical. It is also very helpful to know the influencers and policymakers that shape this process and manage their outcomes.

This service is offered to THC clients on a syndicated or bespoke basis. The geographic focus is the GCC, but other regions can be covered through our network of specialist advisors and associates.


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